Design of Coastal & Marine Structures

Basic & Detail Design Of The new Coastguard Jetty in Imam Khomeini Port Iran
Engineering, supreme and site supervision Services, for the project of the essential repairing of iron ore the jetty, Access Bridge, concrete and steel building and associated facilities
Studies related to determine the necessary arrangements for the loading and berthing vessels of 20,000 to 35,000 tons to export the Sulfuric acid in the Persian Gulf eastern jetty
Port and marine Engineering Studies and dredging of PGMISEZ port
Consulting services and preparing tender documents for repairing and renovation the Dual Purpose jetty of Lavan Refinery
Basic and Detail design of new oil product export jetty of Lavan Refinery
Consulting contract and detail design of oil and gas product exporting port and pipeline and its facilities in the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone
Design of floating jetty for boats and barges berthing in the Persian Gulf special zone
Conceptual design of new oil product export jetty of Lavan Refinery
The development plan of the dry part of the Kaveh Qeshm port and jetty
Conceptual studies and design of the access bridge of the gas condensate import jetty and the petroleum products export, the water intake facilities and discharge of required water of Nik Qeshm oil refinery
Preparation of Tender Documents for Persian Gulf Regional Transportation Network Project
Design Of Kaveh Port Onshore Facilities (Initial Phase)
Firewater Pump Station at Eastside of the Lavan Refinary Dual Purpose Trestle, Engineering Project
Development of Kaveh Port Onshore Facilities (Initial Phase)
Cooling Water Pump Station, Engineering Project
Development of IOOC Jetty and Installation of 2x16” Subsea Pipeline for Oil Product Project
Development of IOOC Jetty and Renovation & Replacement of Oil Products Pipelines