Engineering Study & Design

Engineering and Design Services

  • Preliminary studies include basic and conceptual studies and cost estimation
  • Basic design including secondary studies, determining the executive procedure, preliminary design, preparing the executive initial plan, determining principal of  design concept, organizing human source, cost estimation of project, determining the technical equipment feature and so on.
  • Details design consist of technical computation, technical plans, the final technical specifications of the equipments, the project final cost estimation, and determining timeline and preparing tender documents
  • Purchasing management including preparing lists of the relabel vendors, reviewing the technical and economic proposals of vendors and consulting to client in the purchasing.

Construction Management Services (MC)

  • guidelines and administrative organization
  • organizing and Control Plan
  • contract management
  • services and logistics management
  • project quality control services
  • guarantee period services
  • control payments and contracts legal works
  • collecting the technical documents at the central office
  • Preparing projects monthly report